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 Quality Craftsmanship

  Whether it's a Dreamwell Adjustable
  Bed, Powered Recliner or a Therapy
  Mattress you choose, all our
  systems are hand crafted in
  England using only the finest of
  components and benefit with up to a
  ten year guarantee.

 Customers Care

  • Each Dreamwell product is tailor made as per your requirements.
  • Your system will need no routine maintenance but we are always available to deal with any queries that you have.
  • We have an after sales service that shows we care about our customers.
Say goodbye forever to sleepless nights when you snuggle
down in a Dreamwell adjustable bed

   Dreamwell Adjustable Beds

   With a Dreamwell adjustable bed, there'll be no more tossing and turning to find that elusive,
   comfortable position. Instead the bed will adjust itself simply and smoothly to your comfort needs.

   Feet slightly raised? Shoulders up a touch?

   The Dreamwell adjustable bed will find your perfect sleeping position at the touch of a button. You can
   even sit up, with full support of the luxurious mattress.

   Dreamwell Power Recliners

   All our models benefit from dual German "Okimat" motor systems which give full lift out facility for safety
   and comfort when getting in and out of your recliner.